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Introducing Ways to the Student
to Handle the Barriers in Learning.

One on One Tutorial

When we work with a student one-on-one we can spend time to really drill down to the exact reason that they are having trouble with their study. When that is found and handled learning becomes easier, more pleasurable and something the person does to gain a new skill, not just to pass an exam or a test.


When the student is doing well and before they get into more difficulties it is a great time to give them the skills to help them avoid getting into the pitfalls and troubles that plagued them. Tutoring is a great way to get someone unstuck and moving but our courses are where the student learns to take control of their study and be more in control of their learning in life.

Information Seminars

When you come to one of our information seminars you will go away with an understanding of the barriers that stopped you from loving learning and being able to study and apply the information from any subject. You will also walk away with some practical tools to help you with your learning from then on.

Upcoming Seminars

Free Student Rescue Consultation